Influency Software…Extending Your Ideas to the World!

Yes we are at it again. “Thank goodness,” our devoted users say. Our team has been discovered at Influency Group and we are responding!

Influency Group brings together decades of innovative solutions experience. From the depth of business enterprise platforms, to solutions for individual productivity and safety. Influency Group develops applications that add an extra little twist to deliver true impact on your business.

The Influency Group Difference

As users first, Influency Group applications are developed to deliver maximum value with ease of use. Let’s face it, if no one uses the product, it’s a complete waste of money and time—yours and ours. So we promised to develop applications that are different, that make sense, that bridge the gap between an organization’s ideas and what they value and are willing to pay money for (i.e., that’s revenue and from what we understand, why we are all in business). Influency Group software extends your ideas to the world!

Our philosophy is to always go the extra mile to hide the complexity from the user. I guess we are not really “hiding” it, we’re telling you it’s there…Yes, under the hood there is a complex process that was designed based on many users’ experiences with processes developed to DO something critical for the people using the solution. It is precisely that extensive information and those complex processes that Influency Group sets to work on designing an automated, innovative application around to go the extra mile and give clients maximum impact! But if you have to bend over backwards and contort your staff into some sort of scary Twister® game to accomplish the task, why buy our applications, or any applications for that matter? Influency Group delivers real value in simple to use applications that shield users from this complexity.

And that’s the bottom line.