How We Work

Influency Group partners with our clients in every aspect. We understand both Influency Group and our clients each have their areas of expertise. We value each party bringing that expertise to the table. Further, we both expect and respect this expertise. Influency Group takes a 360 degree approach in our strategic management consulting practice, ensuring all areas of a business are addressed. Why? Because it does no good for one area of a business to achieve great results if another area of the business cannot support or deliver it. We are often contracted to assist in one area, marketing for example, and find there is no engine to support the results. Or, the tools we need to achieve the desired results are not in place so we must address those.

We are happy to work with clients in one or more areas of their business. Rest assured we will always ask questions and review the plan from 360 degrees to ensure: a) all areas are covered; and b) our plans and actions are consistent with the overall plan. This can simply be a review to get on the same page and move forward, or can result in the uncovering of some root cause issues so they can be addressed.

Innovative Approach

Influency Group sells strategic management consulting services in a subscription-based model where clients pre-purchase a bank of hours on a monthly basis.  This delivers exceptional value for our clients since there’s no need to worry about rates and hours before picking up the phone.

Special self-contained projects are priced on a per project basis.

Subscription Levels

Subscription Level Contracted Hours / Month
Pearls* 8
Emerald 20
Ruby 40
Sapphire 60
Diamond 80


Ask us about our STARTUP program. Influency Group partners are successful entrepreneurs. We know where you’re at and how to get you where you want to go. We offer a special STARTUP program for select startups we feel have a high probability of success.

*Pearls of Wisdom, Executive Program

The Pearls of Wisdom Executive Program is a highly strategic, executive mentoring program. This program works with the CEO or management team to identify their vision and to execute to achieve it. This program includes participation in a monthly “big picture” call or meeting, defined goals and metrics for the next meeting, and accountability for their completion on a month to month basis, as well as touch points in between. These calls require executive time for stepping back from the day to day and looking at the big picture to ensure you’re still headed in the right direction. This program often includes participation in board meetings either as an observer or as a board member. Other Influency Group services are not provided as part of this program.