About Us

Influency Group is NOT your average, ho hum company, ingrained in this way or that way of doing things. In fact, we are exactly the opposite. We don’t like red tape. We don’t like doing things because that’s how they’ve always been done. We don’t like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing…You know what we’re talking about. However, we’re not about a bunch of people running around with our hair on fire, with all kinds of crazy ideas that never gets anything done either.

Influency Group is first and foremost about innovation. We are high energy, well-rounded, successful professionals. We believe in understanding what is tried and true and has worked for years, deeply understanding it. The Influency Group team has all worked in those environments, big companies, Fortune 500s, pedigrees, you name it. We’ve also worked in startups and in between. Influency Group has a different philosophy and style…to take the tried and true, apply just the right mix of new technologies and techniques, add a little innovation, and a lot of hard work and dedication, to voila, deliver real value to your business. What does that mean? Short and sweet, real value impacts your bottom line!

As our name suggests, Influency is about achieving business fluency and amplifying it throughout your relationships, like the ripples in a wave or the sound from a megaphone….Influency reaches your audience and helps you achieve your potential.


Kara Cleaver is the Founder and CEO of Influency Group. She is a successful entrepreneur and business strategist, now sharing her expertise and success with others. Kara’s education includes a BA in Psychology/Philosophy, with minors in Business/English, and an MA in Teaching. She is also an alum of Middlebury College’s Digital Bridges entrepreneurship program and CEO Bootcamp for Software Companies up to $30M. She has worked in many verticals, including: technology, data/telecommunications, energy, higher ed, financial, government, manufacturing, healthcare,  legal, retail, and pharma. Kara was the Founder and CEO of an enterprise software and services company for nearly eight years prior to founding Influency Group. At Daybreak ICS, Kara formed strategic partnerships with leading companies, including: EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Arbortext, Quark, PTC, ABBYY, Fujitsu, Kodak, and Visioneer, among others. She developed innovative products and channel programs, catching the attention of analyst groups such as Gartner and others. Kara is an accomplished speaker, appearing at many international conferences and events; she has authored numerous whitepapers, articles, and guest editorials in various publications. Kara was honored by the Business Advisory Council,  receiving a National Leadership Award, Businesswoman of the Year in 2003, as well as several industry awards from 2003 to 2008. Kara has served on the executive board of AIIM International, both the New England and Dallas/Fort Worth Chapters, and the Society for Technical Communication Vermont Chapter. She is an active member of the Career Advisory Council for St. Michael’s College and their Alumni Board of Directors, Social Media Club of Dallas, American Marketing Association Dallas Chapter, Texas Young Professionals, Tech Execs, and various other professional groups.

Kara and her team all have broad experience ranging from Fortune 500 to startup environments. With this expertise, Influency Group offers a boutique of C level executives across the areas of running a business. We have developed the model based on our experiences across a wide variety of companies, from what we had at times and loved, and what we didn’t have at others and wished we did. All of this comes together in a low risk manner, for one flat rate via Influency Group’s subscription model.